About KeepTrack

What We Do

We are committed to promoting and facilitating proper business and home owner preparedness in the event of property loss, separation of assets, need for estate; as well as future planning such as establishing a trust.

Knowing you have done all you can to secure your family assets would give anyone peace of mind and a good night’s rest. This freedom from risk of disaster is better than making sure all of the windows and doors are locked.
Notarized documentation of your inventoried assets and possessions will add an additional level of protective covering to reinforce your insurance policy.
Having your assets organized before they are inventoried is half the battle. Are you unsure of what to organize, does this task seem overwhelming? Keep Track - Business and Home Inventory Services will help you organize as well. We want to capture every asset that you value.

Why KeepTrack – Business & Home Inventory?

The goal of Keep Track – Business & Home Inventory is to place you in the best position for maximum recovery of your assets in case of a disaster be it natural, fire, or any unforeseen occurrence.

We offer complete packages including but not limited to:

  • Diagram of your business or home
  • A review your insurance policies by an insurance agent
  • Notarized inventory report
  • Still photos description of inventoried assets
  • Video of inventoried assets (optional)
  • Secure cloud storage of inventory report

    Customized packages for purpose of estate planning, separation of assets, business valuation special asset appraisals including but not limited to:

  • Wine & spirit collections
  • Arts collections
  • Antique collections
  • Automobile collections
  • Music collections
  • Sport memorabilia collections

Keep Track – Business & Home Inventory provides customized inventory for valuation on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

The DAVIS System

Provides piece of mind and security

  • Determine valuable articles and items to be cataloged
  • Archive items via video
  • Valuate items and create an itemized spreadsheet of worth
  • Inventory list in a comprehensive and concise portfolio
  • Secure data storage easily retrievable when you need it NOW!

Meet Our Team

Keep Track Inventory’s specialists are here to answer questions regarding all of your inventory needs.

Kat Davis
Founder & Visionary - Keep Track Services
Sandra Hill
Managing Partner - KeepTrack Services
Melanie Weatherill-Sandi
Regional Inventory Control Specialist - Restaurant Division

What Our Clients Say


My husband and I were looking to upgrade our home owner’s insurance policy and needed a way to catalogue the upgrades we had made to our home. Keep Track Inventory was efficient in providing us with a high-quality video archival of all of our belongings to hand over to our insurance company. Hiring Keep Track Inventory saved us so much time and I was so impressed by their professionalism and quality of service while inventorying my family’s home.

Leanne L. Cardella
Home Owner, Lakewood

I recently became an Air BnB host to sublet my apartment while I am away on business. Since I have a growing art collection, I needed a way to keep track on my possessions in the event my belongings are damaged or stolen. Under Keep Track’s Titanium package, KT’s inventory specialists were able to custom tailor a package to fit my specific needs.

Michael S. Williams
Host, AirBnB