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My husband and I were looking to upgrade our home owner’s insurance policy and needed a way to catalogue the upgrades we had made to our home. Keep Track Inventory was efficient in providing us with a high-quality video archival of all of our belongings to hand over to our insurance company. Hiring Keep Track Inventory saved us so much time and I was so impressed by their professionalism and quality of service while inventorying my family’s home.

Leanne L. Cardella
Home Owner, Lakewood

I recently became an Air BnB host to sublet my apartment while I am away on business. Since I have a growing art collection, I needed a way to keep track on my possessions in the event my belongings are damaged or stolen. Under Keep Track’s Titanium package, KT’s inventory specialists were able to custom tailor a package to fit my specific needs.

Michael S. Williams
Host, AirBnB