Home Inventory Client 1

Home inventory for a new Air BNB host and art enthusiast

Michael S. Williams

Los Angeles, CA

Michael is a home inventory client that was looking to supplement his income by renting out a spare room in his downtown LA apartment through AirBNB to travelers from around the globe. Before opening up his living space to strangers, Michael needed a way to catalogue his personal property and art collection. Michael opted for Keep Track Inventory’s Titanium package, a package customized to protect and ensure all of his personal items are properly protected.


I recently became an Air BnB host to sublet my apartment while I am away on business. Since I have a growing art collection, I needed a way to keep track on my possessions in the event my belongings are damaged or stolen. Under Keep Track’s Titanium package, KT’s inventory specialists were able to custom tailor a package to fit my specific needs.

Michael S. Williams
Host, AirBnB

April 14, 2017