Home Inventory Client I

Home inventory for a growing family updating their home insurance policy

The Cardella Family

Lakewood, CA

The Cardellas were in need of an inventory service to update their home insurance policy in order to protect their family home and personal property in case of fire or other unforeseen tragedy that could destroy their belongings. Keep Track Inventory was able to provide the Cardella family with a sense of security with their Platinum inventory package, which includes video archiving of all items, audio commentary, and one year of secure data storage. The Jones’ were very impressed with Keep Track Inventory’s quality of service and level of professionalism.



My husband and I were looking to upgrade our home owner’s insurance policy and needed a way to catalogue the upgrades we had made to our home. Keep Track Inventory was efficient in providing us with a high-quality video archival of all of our belongings to hand over to our insurance company. Hiring Keep Track Inventory saved us so much time and I was so impressed by their professionalism and quality of service while inventorying my family’s home.

Leanne L. Cardella
Home Owner, Lakewood

April 14, 2017